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Sensual massage Kyiv

Sensual massage Kyiv - this is a love song. This is a story about love on body language. Even Paracelsus once stated that a person does not like the heart, not the brain, but all his body. It is an art to give pleasure and receive it.

This is a great way to develop sensuality, to understand your body. There are lot of techniques of erotic and sexual massage, but this massage, though, and includes delights of the above, yet more love is concentrated in touch.

Sensual massage Kyiv allows touching a certain way to certain parts of the body, to cause him the most enthusiastic feelings.

The main secret of this massage - in the so-called "nerves of love."

Scientists have found the presence of human skin specific nerve fibers that respond only to the manifestations of love. Unlike all other nerves, they react extremely gentle touch to the touch and slow rather than pressure, or vibration.

Our brains are equipped with the finest biochemical mechanisms that recognize the love and transmit these signals throughout the body.

Even if you turn off the brain and immobilize the body, a person can always recognize and will respond to gentle touch, identifying them as love. At any age, in any state of the human body retains the ability to perceive the love!

Also, it was found a direct link between exposure to "nerves of Love" and the appearance of a man feeling romantic or sexual attraction.

Masseurs work in our massage salon Amoreyra know all the secrets of sensual massage. You will fly to the top of pleasures and sensual feelings.

Call to us now and give your body an opportunity to feel it!