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relax Kiev

relax Kiev

Modern entertainment world offers a great variety of leisure. But to find the most enjoyable way of relax Kiev we still have to look.

The most pleasant and popular form of leisures in Kiev is erotic massage.

On its benefits and advantages can talk for hours. After all, just imagine: you're lying on a soft, comfortable couch, fly around pleasant scents, candles are lit - all contribute to the maximum relaxation. And, suddenly, at this point comes a beautiful naked girl who begins to make you massage all parts of her beautiful body. You will feel the gentle touch of elastic thighs and buttocks, breasts and incredibly gentle hands. Is not it delicious?

Tired after a hard day, you are guarantee forget about all the problems that you are worried. Mainly we just indescribable pleasure, you will experience during a session of erotic massage.

Erotic massage Kiev-this is the kind of rest that can afford everything, regardless of gender and age, because there is no contraindications of massage. On the contrary - it normalizes blood pressure and relaxes muscles, has a positive effect on male potency, the oil used during the massage sessions are very useful for the skin.

Beauty erotic massage Kiev dazzle with their variety of prices and names. But, salon erotic massage Amoreira - a place where your dreams come true and all desires. Arriving at our showroom, you will forget all the difficulties of the day, relax and get the most with what incomparable pleasure.

Inside, Amoreira real professionals in the field of massage, so you can be sure that you receive the highest quality service.

Take a break from the daily routine of work and nervous - call us now!

Sensual massage Kyiv

Sensual massage Kyiv

Sensual massage Kyiv - this is a love song. This is a story about love on body language. Even Paracelsus once stated that a person does not like the heart, not the brain, but all his body. It is an art to give pleasure and receive it.

This is a great way to develop sensuality, to understand your body. There are lot of techniques of erotic and sexual massage, but this massage, though, and includes delights of the above, yet more love is concentrated in touch.

Sensual massage Kyiv allows touching a certain way to certain parts of the body, to cause him the most enthusiastic feelings.

The main secret of this massage - in the so-called "nerves of love."

Scientists have found the presence of human skin specific nerve fibers that respond only to the manifestations of love. Unlike all other nerves, they react extremely gentle touch to the touch and slow rather than pressure, or vibration.

Our brains are equipped with the finest biochemical mechanisms that recognize the love and transmit these signals throughout the body.

Even if you turn off the brain and immobilize the body, a person can always recognize and will respond to gentle touch, identifying them as love. At any age, in any state of the human body retains the ability to perceive the love!

Also, it was found a direct link between exposure to "nerves of Love" and the appearance of a man feeling romantic or sexual attraction.

Masseurs work in our massage salon Amoreyra know all the secrets of sensual massage. You will fly to the top of pleasures and sensual feelings.

Call to us now and give your body an opportunity to feel it!

Salons of erotic massage in Kyiv

Salons of erotic massage in Kyiv

A massage is real beatitude. During it you forget all problems and negative emotions that accumulated for you for a day or a week. Able masseuses weaken your tired and overstrung muscles. You submerge in nirvana.

Besides weakening a massage is the excellent charging, giving tone of muscle tissue. Also it is caring about the skin. In fact during a weakening, sport or erotic massage the different types of the special massage oils are used and it has wonderful smell. An aromatherapy is another positive effect which you got during a massage. That is the reason why many men and women regularly visit massage salons in Kyiv.

Now, only imagine what unearthly pleasure you will get from an erotic massage! It is the special type of massage that differs in sensuality and enjoy, which you`ll got.

A cabinet for an erotic massage looks especially too: semi-darkness, great number of jars with oils, comfortable furniture and sheets from materials which are pleasant for your body. Everything in here is arranged so that a man can felt himself a ruler.

A girl doing an erotic massage to you is a skilful and sensitive. She will carry you in the magic world, and you will be in ecstasy during all procedure. From the beginning and to the end of session your body will be at the mercy of fragile, but confident masseuse. Lady`s tenderness and sensuality will compel fully weakened and trust in her hands.

To visit the salon of erotic massage in Kyiv means to have a rest for a body and soul. The masters of massage in magic clothing’s are not only perfectly looking but also professional masseuses. Therefore you will get two pleasures at once - aesthetic and physical. After an attendance to the salon of erotic massage you will feel rested, but at the same time complete of forces and energy.

During a session a masseuse will make all for you you`ll feel yourself as good as you never felt before. You will estimate mastery of girls from the first visit to salon. You will memorize every visit to an erotic salon, because ladies have a lot of experience and they really know what to do. Making your muscles relaxed one after other, each time they bring in the new elements of massage. And it will introduce the sharpness of feeling, you will never exactly know, what motion will be following.

Undoubtedly, salon of erotic massage in Kyiv is not rareness, but won`t find anywhere else so beautiful masseuses that are able to guess your desires. You could feel yourself the real king, get rid from stress and a lot of new, unknown feelings. And also you will be able to incarnate all bravest fantasies and assuredly will get the emotional discharging. After a session you`ll feel an absolute calmness and pacification. An erotic massage works wonder.

Come to the salon of erotic massage in Kyiv - feel on yourself the effect of magic erotic massage from the real professionals.

call girls Kyiv

call girls Kyiv

If you are sad and lonely or just want to watch on beautiful women then you need to call girls Kyiv.

It is the most pleasant way of rest that you can imagine.

If you bored by simple sex and usual strip clubs then you have wonderful opportunity to call us and get unreal pleasure.

Our irresistible ladies will come to your place and you can spend great time with them.

You will see the prettiest naked women they will undress and dance only for you.

They can touch to you their naked bodies, but without sex. It is more erotic and exciting that you can imagine.

You will be surprised but our girls know everything about art of erotic massage. If you have a wish they can please you like that.

Erotic massage can relax and turn you off from all problem and worries. Incredible woman, relax atmosphere and pleasant smells: all these things will turn you on and you can fly to the heaven during the session of this incredible massage.

Erotic massage recommended to all people - it is not depend from age or gender. You can open your sexual potential and wake up your erotic feelings.

Erotic massage has a positive influence on blood pressure and muscles. You will relax and get use for your health too.

If you want to play with our ladies – it is real, because they can make all your fantasies come true.

There lot of advantages - you need not go out from your house, pay more, because it is cheaper than going to strip club. You may be sure that this kind of rest can enjoy you and make you relax.

Call girl Kyiv and make your boring and sad evening relaxing and passionate.

Price of erotik massage salon kiev

Price of erotik massage salon kiev

erotik masaj salon amore4you testy now erotik massage imperator only 1400 uah only fo you amore4you

  • Body classic, erotic, body massage with complete relaxation (60 min).

800 UAH.

until 21:00

900 UAH.

after 21:00

  • Caress addition to body

200 UAH.

  • Kisses addition to body

200 UAH.

  • Frank kisses addition to body with cunilingus

400 UAH.

  • Frank kisses - a separate program with kuni (45 minutes)

900 UAH.

  • Frank kisses - a separate program with kuni (60 minutes)

1400 UAH.


  • the Emperor's Body, caressing, kissing, peep show (without penetration) + bonus - shower cocktail + sweets (60 min).

1400 UAH.

  • the Emperor VIP  body massage, petting, kissing,  peep show (without penetration), bonus, shower cocktail , Cooney (not Frank), candy (60 min).

1700 UAH.

  • the Emperor Premium - , peep show (with penetration toy), Striptease, bonus, lesbian show, shower cocktail with two girls, candy Cooney (90 min).

2500 UAH.

  • the Emperor VIP plus - body, caressing, kissing, Cooney, peep show (with a slight penetration toy), bonus, shower cocktail with two girls, lesbian show, candy (90 min).

3000 UAH.

  • Royal VIP - body program,  Striptease, shower cocktail, massage in the Jacuzzi, peep show (with a slight penetration toy), candy (2 hours).

4900 UAH.

  • Royal VIP premium body, caressing, kissing, Cooney, Striptease, shower cocktail, massage in the Jacuzzi, peep show (Frank with easy penetration toy), candy (2.5 hours).

5600 UAH.

  • Night (8 hours)

8900 UAH.

  • couple massage paired Body.

1400 UAH.

  • a couple of plus Body, caressing, kissing up to the groin

1900 UAH.

  • shower cocktail addition (before or after the massage).

150 UAH.

  • Lesbian show not honest (30 min).

1500 UAH.

  • Lesbian show Frank (60 min).

2500 UAH.

  • Aqua Foam massage (45 minutes)

850 UAH.

  • Eastern tale - Body, shower cocktail, peep show, petting, kissing (1.5 hours)

1700 UAH.

  • Egoist - Body, caressing, kissing, peep show (not explicit) (60 min)

1100 UAH.

  • Egoist plus - Body, peep show (Frank with easy penetration toy), shower cocktail (60 min)

1500 UAH.

  • Erotic man - body, sensuality, relaxation (60 min)

800 UAH.

  • Erotic man plus - body, erotica, kissing, fondling (to the groin) (60 min

1100 UAH.

  • Erotic Family + man - married couple (1.5 hours)

1700 UAH.

  • Erotic Family plus + man - a married couple, kissing. affection to the groin (90 min)

2100 UAH.

  • Strip Man Striptease, exposure to linen (15 min)

300 UAH.

  • Strip Man full strip dance. full exposure, obrazovka the client (20 min)

600 UAH.

  • Night with the man (8 hours)

7000 UAH.

  • prostate Massage - prostate massage Dildo (45 min)

800 UAH.

  • Fisting - prostate massage with your fingers (45 min)

900 UAH.

  • Mrs. light - light domination (60 min)

1000 UAH.

  • Mistress - domination, strap-on (60 min)

1400 UAH.

  • Mrs. plus - domination, foot fetish, strap-on, Cooney, without massage (60 min)

1600 UAH.

  • Spanking - without massage (45 min)

800 UAH.

  • Golden rain - issue

500 UAH.

  • Golden rain - reception

600 UAH.

  • Foot fetish - (30 min)

500 UAH.

  • Strap - addition (20 min)

300 UAH.

  • Mrs. + slave - two girls without massage (60 min)

2700 UAH.

  • RPG - (30 min)

500 UAH.

  • RPG - (60 min)

900 UAH.

  • RPG - (90 min)

1300 UAH.

  • Night Crazy - mistress or slave, Golden rain, strap-on, foot fetish, spanking, tying, role-playing games (8 hours)

8000 UAH.

  • Mr. - (30 min)

700 UAH.

  • Mr. - (60 min)

1700 UAH.

  • Mr. - (90 min)

2000 UAH.

  • Slave without receiving the Golden rain (60 min)

1900 UAH.

  • Slave Gold - Reception of Golden rain (60 min)

2400 UAH.

  • Man + Man - (60 min)

1100 UAH.

  • Man + Man plus - fondling, kissing up to the groin. (30 min)

900 UAH.

  • Man + Man plus - fondling, kissing up to the groin. (60 min)

1600 UAH.

  • Man + Man plus - fondling, kissing up to the groin. (90 min)

2000 UAH.

  • One + One is two guys (30 min)

800 UAH.

  • One + One is two guys. (60 min)

1200 UAH.

  • One + One is two guys. (90 min)

2200 UAH.

  • One + One plus - fondling, kissing up to the groin (30 min)

1600 UAH.

  • One + One plus - fondling, kissing up to the groin (60 min)

2500 UAH.

  • One + One plus - fondling, kissing up to the groin (90 min)

3000 UAH.

  • Night Crazy Man (8 hours)

10000 UAH.